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    [J2ME] ChoiceGroup & RMS problem

    Hello and welcome

    I hope You will help me because I just can't think up or find an solution for my rather simple [ but complex ] problem . What I would like to know is how to delete the record from RMS. It sounds simple, but let me give You some background, my program is creating user profile and it stores details in RMS, it work just fine, You can load details which were put before killing application etc. The problem lays here: name of profiles are put in a choiceGroup, when I want to delete the profile it works for.. let's say first record, or third one, but when I add next one I can't delete it. It is all because wrong RecordID, is there any way to get the recordId or to delete the record from RMS knowing just some phrase?

    my code looks like this:

    public void profilRmsRemover( ) throws RecordStoreException{

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    Re: [J2ME] ChoiceGroup & RMS problem

    I'd suggest you use a separate record store for each profile. Then you can access them by name,


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