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Thread: push registry

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    push registry

    i am using push registry concept in my application
    my scenario is
    a particular file is not download from the server then the push registry will call the application after 15 minutes until the file get downloaded
    now my question is the push registry will it work for all series of nokia mobile ie s40 and s60
    i have tested my application in the nokia xpress music 5310 it works properly
    but i have tested in nokia 2690 and nokia 2730 classic it is not working

    i want a conclusion is it advantage or disadvantage of using push registry in the application?

    if you found any article in the website regarding the push registry please post the link here.

    please help me.

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    Re: push registry

    Push Registry should work on MIDP 2.0 devices thou it may require signing on certain platforms.

    Advantage or disadvantage - depends on the need of use, use it only if you do not any other option.

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