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    the position getted by QGeoPositionInfoSource not accurate


    I wrote some test code:

    pos_source = QGeoPositionInfoSource::createDefaultSource(this);

    then get the last postion every 30 seconds by :
    and save the positions.

    I found that these positions are not accurate and they are seem to be generated by cellid,not by satallites.
    if pos_source->lastKnownPosition(true) is used,then the positions are always not valid.

    my test device is 5230,it support A-GPS.
    at the same location and on the same phone,the OVI map can get accurate position in 10 seconds.

    what should I do to improve it?

    Thank you!

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    Re: the position getted by QGeoPositionInfoSource not accurate


    Instead of using lastKnownPosition(), maybe you should instead connect to the positionUpdated() signal, you'll get notified of the updated coordinates as soon as they're available. Also, does it really matter if GPS satellite data or something else is used as the positioning method? You always get the estimated accuracy from QGeoPositionInfo and can decide if it's accurate enough for your purposes.

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