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    Question Payment using J2me application

    Hi All,

    I wanted to develop j2me application to do payments . How can I do it in J2me ?
    Devdatta S. Chandsarkar

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    Re: Payment using J2me application


    I've seen a link pdf which is help you in development of payment application. Go through it.

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    Re: Payment using J2me application

    That's an 8 years old thesis paper. Things may be a bit different nowadays, even if the basic premise is still correct.

    J2ME (JME) has no direct built-in support for any payment solutions, but there's a bunch of vendors with technology in this space: Accumulate, Openbit/Tanla, Fox Mobile, mBounce, NetSize, End2End, etc.

    Many of them have special MIDlet "wrappers" you use to package your MIDlet (the wrapper handles the payment part, and then launches your app if properly licensed/paid), and some require your app to use special APIs/libraries as part of your code.

    And if you want to distribute through Nokia's channels, then Ovi Store will take care the payment and distribution part (also the MIDle signing, if you wish).

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