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    Automatic focus for QLineEdits as edit ends


    In a Nokia N8 is a form with 4 QLineEdit that accept each part of a code like this :
    if my code is 1acode - 2bcode - 3ccode - 4dcode

    QLine1 : 1acode
    QLine2 : 2bcode
    QLine3 : 3ccode
    QLine4 : 4dcode

    the problem is that the edition windows from the phone appears when finger clickin in the line edit. I don't know how to manage it to
    go automatically to the next QLine when I entered all my code part.

    For example with QLine1 when I finished to enter "1acode" the QLine2 get the focus to let me enter the 2nd part "2bcode", etc

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    Re: Automatic focus for QLineEdits as edit ends


    Are you using a validator for the line edits? If so, the focus could be changed to the next editor when the current one has valid content (do the codes have a fixed length?). Alternatively, you could switch the focus whenever the user closes the virtual keyboard (see here).

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    Re: Automatic focus for QLineEdits as edit ends

    No I don't use a validator, even if I saw the event in the QLineEdit doc, more by lack of knowledge about validator.

    do the codes have a fixed length?).
    Yes the maxlength property is set

    The example wich you link to is exactly what I need : knowing when the virt keyb is closed. But as my application is dedicated also for PC, the cross platform constraints (S60 only) avoid using this solution.
    I think that I have to dig in the validator use ...
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