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    Image rotates if movie clip position changed before image loading


    I need to dynamically load images from an array to static movie clips on the design. The image display needs to be slided using a timer, by left/right arrow keys, thus changing the images in the view. If the slide begins before the image load is complete, the image is loaded abnormally to a different position. While, if I wait for the load to complete, before sliding the images, everything is fine.

    How can I control image repositioning if the parent movie clip changes its position before image load?

    Refer http://thethoughtprogresses.blogspot...blog-post.html for problem description.

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    Re: Image rotates if movie clip position changed before image loading

    Hi supriyaakg,
    Cant see the exact problem because picture is not very much clear. But why not use loader class with attachMovie or createNewMovieClip API. In such cases, we usually create a class and instead of using a static movie clip for each image we use single holder and attach number of movie clips to it depending upon the dynamic array.Because later we may need to reuse that component. Moreover, u can make the user wait until the graphics get load or let us know what class u r using to load images and attach them by showing ur AS (obviously ,not the whole code but the code causing the issue). I will take a look at them once get some free time.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Image rotates if movie clip position changed before image loading

    Hi Sajisoft,

    The image movement is like the youtube mobile app - the centered image is enlarged and in the beginning, the first image is centered. Then on scrolling to the right, the images move to the left and keep sliding till it reaches the last image, where it stops sliding. Then to go back to the first image, scroll left so that the images move right. I have used 7 static movie clips, because 5 of them are in view and the rest 2 already loaded with new images to aid quick scrolling.

    I dont mind sharing my code, which is below (you would need a long time to understand it, since I have done everything manually, as I dont know how to use classes for dynamic components and I am working in AS 2.0 (FL 3.0)

    Please check new images with the code at http://thethoughtprogresses.blogspot...blog-post.html

    Btw, I tried using the workaround of sliding only after all images are uploaded, it worked, although very slow as the movement won't start on left/right arrows unless all images are loaded.
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