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    Question Is Developer responsible for ensuring IP/ copyright non-infringement?

    I am a Mobile application development newbie. I get inspired by the UX / UI concepts from non Nokia mobile platforms and am very eager to introduce them in the form of plugins to Nokia's standard apps on the device or standalone apps. It might be difficult to draw a line on what is exactly copying and just being inspired in doing the UX / UI design. My main question here is who takes the responsibility in ensuring that the IP or copyright of some other app developer / mobile OS maker is Not infringed in the UX of a new app being introduced to Ovi store? Is it something that the developer should take care of? Or will Nokia take that Burden off from developer (because from my knowledge it is almost impossible for the developer to be accurate in these things).


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    Re: Is Developer responsible for ensuring IP/ copyright non-infringement?

    I suppose you asked this same question in other thread as well: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...an-application

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    Re: Is Developer responsible for ensuring IP/ copyright non-infringement?

    IANAL, but it's your responsibility as the Ovi Store T&C states:

    You represent and warrant that Your Content complies with the submission documentation and Program requirements in effect at the time of submission. You agree to cooperate with Nokia in this process and to truthfully answer questions and provide information about Your Content, as reasonably requested by Nokia. You further represent and warrant that You have full authority and/or all necessary rights, licenses or permissions to submit Your Content to Nokia, and to make it available for consumption by end users, and that You shall be solely responsible for the acquisition and payment of any and all third party clearances, consents, permissions, licenses, authorizations, and rights (including any and all rights in any works (including musical works), recordings and/or other materials), to the extent applicable and required in connection with the distribution of Your Content through the Program.

    In any case, when in need of legal counsel, ask a lawyer.

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    Re: Is Developer responsible for ensuring IP/ copyright non-infringement?

    To my understanding, and as stated in the Terms and Conditions, it is your responsability (as a publisher, which is not the same as being merely a developer).

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