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    Emulator/Simulator for Nokia Web Browsers

    I am looking for Nokia Emulators to test my web site.

    I have found Symbian S60 3rd Edition (Including Feature Pack 1 and Feature Pack 2) and S60 5th Edition Emulators. (BrowserNG 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, and 5.0)
    Is there a BrowserNG Simulator for the newest version (I think its 7.2)?

    Edit found:
    This seems to have one for Symbian^3 with the BrowserNG 7.2.6.
    There also seems to be N97, 5th Edition, and 3rd Edition FP2 - Not sure if all three of those has Browser NG 7.2.6 but I guess the Symbian^3 is good enough.

    Also Wikipedia says this:
    "Symbian^3 and earlier have a native WebKit based browser; indeed, Symbian was the first mobile platform to make use of WebKit (in June 2005).[22]
    Nokia plans to introduce a new Qt-based browser as a free update for Symbian^3 devices."

    Has that already occurred? I assume not yet.
    Is there an ETA?
    Is there a simulator for the Qt-based browser yet?

    Are there any other browsers I should be worried about testing for in terms of Nokia? (I know about S40 but that doesn't really support CSS/JavaScript well so I ignore it).

    I also found the Maemo N900 browser which is similar to Fennec. Firefox Mobile has an emulator for that as well.

    Am I missing anything else?

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    Re: Emulator/Simulator for Nokia Web Browsers

    if you want to see how they would look with real Nokia devices, then just try out the Remove Device Access (RDA), the link is provided under the devices tab..

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