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    Unhappy VKB is not showing up for CEikEdwin control - 5th Edition


    After visiting all the articles and trying all the tricks I am still unable to make the VKB working. I am using CEikEdwin whose parent is another control. The HandlePointerEventL() is directly passed to the edwin control and I am not doing anyting else in that function.

    void CMyClass::HandlePointerEventL(const TPointerEvent &aPointerEvent)


    This piece of code is not working. I tried to invoke the PointerEvents using the code available in WIKI:

    void CMyClass::InvokeVK()
    TCursorSelection sel = iEikEdwin->Selection(); // remember the selection
    const TInt KBorderWidth = 2;
    const TInt KBorderHeight = 2;
    TPointerEvent event;
    event.iType = TPointerEvent::EButton1Down;
    event.iParentPosition = iEikEdwin->PositionRelativeToScreen()+TPoint(KBorderWidth,KBorderHeight);
    event.iPosition = iEikEdwin->Position()+TPoint(KBorderWidth,KBorderHeight);
    iEikEdwin->HandlePointerEventL(event); // simulate a pointer down event
    event.iType = TPointerEvent::EButton1Up;
    iEikEdwin->HandlePointerEventL(event); // and then simulate a pointer up event to complete the touch operation
    iEikEdwin->SetCursorPosL(sel.iAnchorPos, EFalse);
    iEikEdwin->SetCursorPosL(sel.iCursorPos, ETrue); // restore the selection

    But this is also not working. :( Can someone give some better idea??

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    Re: VKB is not showing up for CEikEdwin control - 5th Edition


    There is a ready-made example in the following wiki article, hope you can get some clue from it.

    "How to force launch of VKB in CEikEdwin"


    Ziteng Chen

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