I have been reinstalling QT SDK and Creator for few times now without getting it to work. I need a QT for Symbian 3 and my steps are as follow:

1. I install QT Creator (qt-sdk-win-opensource-2010.05.exe)
2. I install QT Symbian SDK V0.9_2 + ARM Toolchain (Symbian_3_SDK_v0_9_en.zip)
3. I target the QT version to <Root>\Nokia_Symbian3_SDK_v0.9_2\epoc32\tools\qt\qmake.exe
4. I get a "QT Version is not properly installed, please run make install"

Even when I use the uninstall, I see some leftovers at QT creator, so there might be something I need to change/delete from previous installation, but I am not sure what.

Please advise. Thanks!