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    Thumbs up How to Get Notification to get first start your NFC:

    Hi All,
    I am new to use NFC feature so not able to visualize power of NFC.
    I need Same Functionality as We use bluetooth & if blue tooth is off
    It Asked to ON the BT.
    In same way if Nfc Is off it always Give prompt to start The NFC.


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    Re: How to Get Notification to get first start your NFC:


    as to my knowledge such a thing as NFC power management (compare to Bluetooth power management in JSR-82) is neither available in native JSR-257 nor in the Nokia extensions. Therefore, I don't think that you can turn on or off the NFC functionality from inside your application.


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    Re: How to Get Notification to get first start your NFC:

    By the way, you cannot turn on/off Bluetooth from your code, either. However, some implementations like Series 40 ask the user, when you use a Bluetooth object for the first time. Still it is not your code, controlling this. If you want to see the same with NFC (some time in distant future), you should file a feature request to Nokia.

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