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    Exclamation Free Signing - IMEI of five phones

    Hi All,

    I want to get my application signed for free - which requires developer to submit IMEI of up to five devices.

    Can I use IMEI of any Nokia phone or only the phone on which the application is supposed to run

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Free Signing - IMEI of five phones

    I guess you could give them any IMEI's but the final testing (in SIS case after wrapping the SIS) can be done only on devices that has the IMEI you sent to Nokia OR if you are using certain capabilities you need this small app from Nokia that has the IMEI's included. During developping process you can run your app's with test UID's on any device (does not have to have one of the IMEI's you sent Nokia), if you are NOT using any restricted capabilities. In theory you can develop an app without ever testing it on real device.

    Sending the IMEI's is optional. If you decide that you do not need to test after wrapping (in SIS case) and you are not using certain capabilities you do not need to send them at all.
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    Re: Free Signing - IMEI of five phones

    there is no point of giving non-nokia devices, since you are not allowed to distribute the ovi signed versions outside Ovi, i.e. you can not distribute it to non-Nokia devices.

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