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    Secure Connection with MIDP


    I know that the specification for MIDP 1.0 doesn't force the phone vendors to support HTTPS connections. But MIDP 2.0 does support HTTPS. But it will take time for the number of MIDP2.0 phones to increase.

    Until then, with a MIDP 1.0 based application, how can i develop an m-commerce application via secure connection (with a real phone)? For instance, are there any companies developing applications for banking?

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    i think this might help.


    i am trying to implement it on my 3510i but no success uptil now. but this has worked by using emulators and on one pc.

    i read this thing on a forum that https thingy will work on emulators but it will not work on the real mobiles.

    hope it works . and please do tell me if it does or u know n e thing else to make a secure connection plz let me know.

    here's my address


    bye and good luck

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