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    Can't get AccuWidget demo to work correctly

    I'm attempting to learn how to write and deploy WRT apps. I'm on OS X, so I've downloaded Aptana Studio, and the AccuWidget example. But it's not working the same as the screenshots show it should be working. When I import the project, I get 1 error and 4 warnings. The error is this bizarrely worded statement:

    Html file is not selected from package option. AccuWidget line 0 Problem
    I'm not sure what it means because the documentation doesn't describe anything about how the projects are laid out. It just has a set of steps to walkthrough to make and deploy an app. I would think that the html file it's talking about is accuwidget.xhtml. That file is in the project, and is also listed in the Info.plist file as the MainHTML file. So what is this error trying to tell me?

    But that's just the first problem. The warnings show that Aptana Studio didn't import either the script folder or the style folder. I can do it by hand, and that gets rid of the warnings about the .js files. But it leaves me wondering why the example shows that happening automatically, but when I try it, it doesn't happen automatically?

    The next problem is that when I attempt to set the Widget Deployment Settings, there are no options for "Device" or "Emulator". I assume this is because there's no emulator on the Mac, but I'd think there'd still be an option for an actual device. Do I need to set that up via BlueTooth first?

    Then, when I attempt to package the widget, I get a similar error as above:

    Packaging Started...
    Packaging Files from : "/Users/mentalistapp/Documents/Aptana Studio Workspace/AccuWidget"
    Mandatory Html file is Missing
    Packaging Failed
    Can anyone point me in the right direction for figuring this out? Thanks!

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    Re: Can't get AccuWidget demo to work correctly

    Have you figured out how to solve those problems? I just started today learning WRT, and I'm facing exactly the same problems as you with my Aptana Studio (Windows 7).

    First, when I imported the accuwidget project, it didn't contain any scripts or styles. However, when I deleted the project and imported it for the second time, the missing files were imported as well.

    I "fixed" the mysterious html-error by renaming accuwidget.xhtml to accuwidget.html and editing the name of the MainHtml in the info.plist -file. Finally I was able to package the widget, however, my Widget deployment settings didn't contain any options for "Device" or "Emulator" either.

    Any suggestions, how to go on from here?

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    Re: Can't get AccuWidget demo to work correctly

    No, I wasn't able to get it working. Please keep me posted if you do.

    This is incredibly frustrating. With other phones, everything just works like they describe, but I'm having a heck of a time understanding what to do with this Nokia phone. Bummer.

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