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    [J2ME] content of .jar

    Hello and welcome = ),

    I would like to search the jar file to get a file which is called well not in the same way, but very similarly to searched phrase, for example

    phrase: "java is cool, but slightly irritating"
    and file "java slightly cool.txt"

    is there any way to do this?

    Code solutions are acceptable = D

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    Re: [J2ME] content of .jar

    Inside your MIDlet's code?
    I don't think that's possible as getResourceAsStream requires a complete name

    Of course, if you have the MIDlet on your PC you can see the contents easily (as the JAR file is a renamed Zip file).


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    Re: [J2ME] content of .jar

    There is no way to get a list of files in the JAR...

    ...well, unless you put a file in the JAR, which contains a list of the other files in the JAR. You could automate this, something like:

    "%java_home%\bin\jar" tf myapp.jar > file.lst
    "%java_home%\bin\jar" uf myapp.jar file.lst
    Or, some other way, according to your build process.

    Then, your problem is how to define "not in the same way, but very similarly to"...


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