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    Unhappy [ABLD.BAT] Error 1

    I have been getting this error when i try to run the project for N8. The project file and installation is on the same drive.
    Heres the compile output log:

    Someone please help to set this.
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    Re: [ABLD.BAT] Error 1

    Your principle problem shown at end of log is that your linker cannot find qtmain.lib. You are doing a GCCE udeb build.
    If you read the release notes that came with the SDK you will find it tells you this, as the one I read for Symbian3_SDK_v0.9 does:
    • Applications linking to static library cannot be built for GCCE target
    Workaround: create gcce\urel and gcce\udeb under epoc32\release folders, copy the contents of epoc32\release\armv5\udeb to
    epoc32\release\gcce\udeb and urel respectively.

    You could try copying the contents of <SDKinstalldir>\epoc32\release\armv5\udeb to the ..\..\gcce\udeb if the latter is empty. Likewise the urel folders.

    Of course that may not be the end of the problems. This article
    says don't copy the armv5 libraries, instead cop the armv6 ones (at least the qtmain.lib, if nothing more).

    All those warnings re SYSTEMINCLUDEs can be suppressed. I found a batch file that should be run in your SDK root to create the missing folders.
    see http://pastie.org/1428784
    and I wrote another to get rid of some more
    see http://pastie.org/1428788

    That still leaves you with all those other horrid warnings.
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