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    Thumbs up How do I get started in game development in j2me?

    I want to get into game development.
    Can you give me some tips/directions to get started?
    Generally what api's are using to develope game application?

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    Re: How do I get started in game development in j2me?

    You might be interested to read this thread, and also this thread. The second one chronicles another first-time game developer through his experience of developing a Java game.

    A big problem for game publishers is device fragmentation... the fact that there are thousands of devices running Java, all with different specifications. It's very tempting to go for the latest, highest-spec device, because it will be easy to write a cool looking game for it. In reality, a Java game that works only on one (or a few) models of handset has limited commercial value. Think about the specifications of different devices out there, and start developing for something nearer the lower end of what you want to support. Nokia Series 40 devices make a good choice. The devices you choose for initial development of the game are usually known as the "reference" handsets.

    In particular, make sure your game can be made to work on devices with different screen sizes, without code changes. Small differences in size should work without any change at all, and major changes in size should need only a change in graphic files, not code.

    Avoid using APIs you don't need. Remember that, as soon as you use an API, your game will work only on handsets with that API. Each extra API you use reduces the number of handsets you can support, and so the number of potential customers you have. Use an API only if it adds a compelling feature to the game. When you get more advanced, you can start to think about how you might support two versions of the game (for example, one using a specific API, and one without), so that you can add compelling features for high-end handsets, without losing customers with more basic phones.

    Bizarre as it might seem, I suggest you avoid the Game API! It's good for writing basic games on high-end handsets, but I usually find it causes more problems than it solves.

    Good luck!


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