There is new Qt Mobile learning material available on the page :

found from "Qt for Mobile Application Development for Education v1.1" link.

By the way, after unzipping new learning material, you need at least Power Point Viewer to
see the new learning material.

But my question concers about "On Device Debugging via Bluetooth as the new learning material mentions.

In the folder of "2 Qt for Symbian" of "Qt for Symbian_Slides v1.1.pptx"
slide 49 of 90 mentions that : "Communication between Nokia Qt SDK and App TRK can be done
by using USB or Bt" and slide is shown here :

So, is "communication" between App TRK and QtCreator via Bt (==Bluetooth?) possible when
i want to on device debug Qt application running on my E71 phone (=S60 3rd ed. fp1 device).

Yes, i know that it is possible to on-device debug application running on my phone
via usb "cable", but is on device debugging possible also via Bluetooth, as new learning
material mentions? Or is it a bug in the new learning material when mentioning the Bt-possibility
to on device debug application running on the phone.