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    Unhappy creating themes with a mac....is it do-able?

    Hi there,

    Im a loyal nokia user so much so that i nocked back having a company phone so that i could stick to the nokia brand, i own an n8 and so far im rather disappointed as there appears to be no compatible software for theme creation on a mac??
    I am really keen to make my own themes does anyone know of a place to download mac os compatible theme creation software? or has nokia decided that everyone who owns a mac must only use iphones?

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    Re: creating themes with a mac....is it do-able?

    Nokia doesn't have a good history for supporting Macs for their development tools. No secret decisions behind that to force all Mac users to use the iPhone, but rather a question of resourcing/prioritization. For regular use, though, things mostly work with a Mac: http://www.nokia.com/mac

    So, Nokia has not made a version of Carbide.ui for the Mac, and as far as I know, nobody else has, either. There are web services such as (or at least it) www.ownskin.com as an alternative.

    Otherwise, if you wish to make S60/Symbian themes, you need to get a Windows PC, or dual-boot Windows on your Mac (bootcamp), or use a virtualization environment (Parallels, Fusion) to run Windows.

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