Last week I finished my QT App and registered myself on OVI as a publisher. After mailing to them they provided me with the UID, certificate and KEY.
Now I am facing problem in submitting my QT app to OVI. As directed in the Link http://blogs.forum.nokia.com/blog/ov.../qt-content-qa
I tried following steps

1. creating and signing my application with the provided UID, certificates and Key
2. packing the signed application sis in appication_installer.sis and signing it using provided certificate and Key.
3. submitted the app, (tried with both "Certified Signed" and "Express signing")

Problem I faced, Ovi displays a message - This content file contains invalid metadata!

Another link http://www.forum.nokia.com/Distribut..._signing.xhtml - says

1. submit the unsigned app sis with the provided UID and get the signed sis after some days
2. Package the received signed sis with app_installer and submit the unsigned app_installer for signing again. (express signing this time).

Please tell me what shall I do to get my app published. I lost my faith in OVI support, they are not replying. And please also tell what type of Symbian Signed Type("Certified Signed" or "Express signing") shall i select while submitting the sis.

Thanks in advance