when i create a pakage for 3rd edition FP 1 & 2 after all steps i recieve this error

Command: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Carbide.ui Theme Edition\Eclipse\plugins\com.nokia.tools.packaging_3.2.1.0\runtime\win32\S60_32_mifconv.exe themepackage.mif /BC:\Program Files\Nokia\Carbide.ui Theme Edition\Eclipse\plugins\com.nokia.tools.packaging_3.2.1.0\runtime\win32 /PC:\Program Files\Nokia\Carbide.ui Theme Edition\Eclipse\plugins\com.nokia.tools.packaging_3.2.1.0\runtime\win32\thirdpartybitmap.pal /Fthemepackage_MIFList.txt /Hthemepackage.mbg /SC:\Program Files\Nokia\Carbide.ui Theme Edition\Eclipse\plugins\com.nokia.tools.packaging_3.2.1.0\runtime\win32 /V1

MifConv version 1.11 build (48, SVG stand-alone).
Reading source list file: themepackage_MIFList.txt
Checking: .\qgn_indi_signal_strength.svg
Checking: .\qgn_indi_battery_strength.svg
Checking: .\qsn_cp_clock_analogue_face_1.svg
Checking: .\qsn_cp_clock_analogue_face_2.svg
Checking: .\qsn_cp_clock_analogue_pointer_hour.svg
Checking: .\qsn_cp_clock_analogue_pointer_minute.svg
Convert files...
The current directory is invalid.
The current directory is invalid.
The current directory is invalid.
The current directory is invalid.
The current directory is invalid.
The current directory is invalid.
Loading mif icons...
Loading file: \epoc32\BUILD\s60\icons\temp\s3a4.tmp\._qgn_indi_signal_strength.svgb

ERROR: Unable to open file for reading! \epoc32\BUILD\s60\icons\temp\s3a4.tmp\._qgn_indi_signal_strength.svgb

Multi Icon File converter tool. Version 1.11 (Build 48, SVG stand-alone)
Copyright (c) 2001-2007 Nokia Corporation. All rights reserved.


MIFCONV miffile.MIF 
        [/A] [/OPT] iconsource1.EXT [ ... [/A] [/OPT] iconsourceN.EXT] 

 /Hheaderfile.MBG specifies output header file name

 /E               specifies that source icons are only loaded with given file
                  extensions. By default, MifConv prefers source icons with
                  extension .SVG over .BMP, regardless of which is given as
                  a parameter.
 /Ppalettefile    palette parameter, which is forwarded to BMCONV for
                  bitmap icons. See more details in BMCONV help.

 /Bbmconvpath     specifies the location path of BMCONV.exe.

 /Ssvgencodepath  specifies the location path of SVGTBINENCODE.exe.

 /Vsvgversion     specifies the format version of the generated SVGB binary
                  code by SVGTBINENCODE.exe.
                  svgversion may be one of the following values:
                      1 - original encoding for 3.0 and 3.1 (BGR/float)
                      2 - encoding (BGR/fixed point)
                      3 - optimized encoding for 3.1 only (RGB/fixed pt)
                      4 - encoding (RGB/float)

 /A                specifies animated flag for icon

 /OPT              specifies icon framebuffer depth and mask depth and
                                       the syntax is DEPTH[ ,MASK]
 DEPTH             may be one of /1,/2,/4,/8,/c4,/c8,/c12,/c16,/c24,/c32
 MASK              may be one of 1,8

 EXT               may be one of SVG, BMP

 Parameter file defined with option /F may contain
 any of the parameters listed above, separated by spaces or newlines.

im working on n91.
plz help me