I have been trying to get a Qt app published for a couple of months which is targeted at Symbian and Maemo, the Symbian one finally passed QA but the Maemo one has been 'pending' and unchanghed for 27 days. There was at least some activity on the Symbian side every 1-2 weeks and I had to resolve a couple of packaging issues but on the Maemo 'content item' absolutely nothing has happened and I have been given no feedback whatsoever.

I can understand why Maemo would be lower priority since there are other ways of publishing Maemo software and it is also a much smaller market, but please let me know if I'm wasting my time here, if Maemo isn't supported please make this clear so that developers wont be wasting their time. This is the kind of thing that puts independent developers off working on the platform.

Note that I have emailed PublishToOviSupport about this a few times but got no response.