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    Is programming a LBS app. for 6700 the same as for N97 or N85 ????

    I have developed a LBS application using JSR-179 API and it works great on 6700 but in some phones like N97 and N85 it does not work. it does not get the GPS coordition at all, it keeps saying "waiting" forever. Althoug I had a look at them and found they all support JSR-179 and they all got A-GPS.
    Please, can anyone suggest me something, or simply say why this happens.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: Is programming a LBS app. for 6700 the same as for N97 or N85 ????

    Is the A-GPS positioning method enabled in phone's settings and does it have a valid IAP set? Are there any other positioning technologies enabled? Can you otherwise receive a fix with the built-in GPS Data or Ovi Maps applications.

    I would expect that your application would work as well if the environment is configured correctly.
    -- Lucian

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