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    Publishing for CAI contest

    Sorry for the previous thread, did not enter proper heading and could not delete the thread!

    It is regarding the CAI contest, currently organized by Forum Nokia.

    It is mentioned on rules section that the app should be published for Nokia N8 and for USA and/or Canada region. Does it mean, it should be published only for Nokia N8 and USA as country? OR can we publish the app for other Symbian^3 devices along with N8 and also for other countries, in addition to USA/Canada?

    The last date for enrolling for contest is 28th of this month. But looking at the way, OVI QA is taking time, the app is not getting published even after 15-20 working days after submission. Are they considering the apps being published by 28th Jan or would they consider if the app is in OVI QA state by 28th Jan. Would it do, if we have submitted the app for OVI QA before 28 Jan and enroll for the contest.

    Does any-one have any idea or should we forget submitting the app now, as it won't get published in 10-15 days

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    Re: Publishing for CAI contest

    Just got an update from OVI team and thought of sharing it with you:

    The application for this contest just has to be published for N8 (and any other Symbian^3 devices) and at least one of USA or Canada. Global apps are welcome, as long as they are relevant to consumers in USA and Canada.

    As for the deadline, all applications submitted to QA by the stated deadline will be considered for the competition. It does not have to be publicly available on the Ovi Store by the deadline.

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    Re: Publishing for CAI contest

    The contest has been extended to March 31st.
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