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    Maintaining http sessions

    I'm connecting to a site which ask a user to login first and then perform some operations.
    First i'm connecting to the site and posting the credentials for login.
    After the login is succeeded, i need to connect again to the website and fetch the user specific data and show it either using custom gui or web view depending upon the contents of the site.
    The problem which i'm facing is whenever i re-connect to the site, the user is logged out.
    So i can't extract user specific data.
    I'm using QNetworkAccessManager for making connections
    Please help..
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    Re: Maintaining http sessions

    This is a problem on Symbian, especially if you're using a phone without a SIM to talk to wi-fi. It seems that connections don't last very long. Not a big problem if you're doing RESTful stuff, but a problem if you rely on an open session.

    Don't know that there is an answer, other than to switch to REST.

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