I have heard many complains about Lite (or demo) versions not showing up in the Publisher product page on OVI, or not appearing in the search results (and also the other way around, when only the Lite version is displayed, and not the full version).
I have just released my first demo version of an already published paid game, and I am facing this problem too.

Some people have suggested that it happens if the beginning of both titles are identical, such as [name] and [name Lite] (which is expected for a Lite/demo version).
However in my case it is: [name] and [Demo name], so the first word is different.

Moreover, the thumbnails are not the same, and some of the images are different too. Both descriptions also have differences (the beginning is the same, but about half of it is a different text).

So it got me thinking, how can this confusion happen between a Lite (or demo) version and a paid version when they are clearly different applications, and never happen between two entirely seperate applications? What is it that creates the confusion?
I believe it is the keywords, and in my case they are all exactly the same for both.

So I think this is the way it goes: it is all related to the search function.
Make a search on the name of the app and you'll only get the one that was published first (whether Paid or Demo). Make a search on the publisher's name and you'll get the whole list of products from the publisher but again only one version between Paid and Demo will show up.
On the other hand, click on the publisher link from one of your app and you will see the whole list properly this time, as the page is not based on the search function this time.

Also, look at applications (from other publishers) which related content could include you app, and you'll only see the version of your app that was published first between Paid and Demo versions.

So I believe to fix the problem, keywords have to be different to some extent.

Any thoughts?