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    Uninstalling a password protected when not knowing the password

    Hello everyone,

    First of all, I should say that I have been searching for a related topic for 5 days to solve my problem but I couldn't find it.

    I am using a Nokia X6-00 based on Symbian S60 5th Ed. (Software Version: V 12.0.01)

    On 22 Dec, I installed an application which I shouldn't have. I, later on, understood that this application is a cheating application to obtain my banking account password via SMS. When I realized that fact, I started trying to remove the application from my phone but it wanted a password to uninstall it. Of course, I do not know the password required. When I looked at the Open Applications, I saw that the application in which a password is prompted is named as Unipass.

    Then I wanted to remove the resource files from the Phone Memory into which I installed the application. To do that, I installed the Y-Browser to see the resource files of the Phone Memory. I found only 5 files related to the application whose name are either Unipass or SMSControl with different extensions like .mif .rsc etc. In one of these files, named Unipass.r01, I saw some writings about password when I opened the file by Text Viewer. (A few words actually as "Unipass" "Password" "OK" "Password protectected uninstall" ...)

    Now, I want to ask whether I can see the password inside the resource files. By the way, I noticed that by Y-Browser, I cannot see all the folders like sys, Private etc.

    I need your help because I have to get rid of such a stupid application preventing me from using internet banking.

    Thanks in advance a lot...
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