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I downloaded the application from the link that was inside the SMS message which was sent to me when I entered my telephone number into a web page which was opened by a virus on my computer, while I am trying to log into my Internet banking account. The application's name is "Certificate". When I "view details" of the "Certificate, the informations are below:

Name: Certificate
Version: 1.00(0)
Status: Installed
Memory in use: C:Phone memory
Application size: 48 kB
Format: Symbian OS
Type: Application
Certificates: View details

Issuer: Symbian CA I. Symbian Limited. GB
Subject: ANUJ MOBILITY SA INDIA LIMITED, certificate 1.00, Symbian Signed ContentID, IN, West Bengal, Siliguri
Valid from: 13/12/2010
Valid until: 13/12/2020
Serial number: ...
Fingerprint (SHA1): ...
Fingerprint (MD5) : ...

Are these information enough for you?

This sounds like a variant of SymbOS/ZeusMitmo.

Could you send a sample to

We will analyze the sample and add detection to it unless we already detect it.

Our AV is available from http://f-secure.mobi