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    simultaneous audio writing and reading problem


    I have one QMediaPlayer instance and one QMediaRecoder instance. When QMediaPlayer plays the file ("a.amr") in a loop from the C:/ drive of the Nokia 5230, I start recording to b.amr file with the QMediaRecorder. The problem is that if during the recording QMediaPlayer reaches the end of the file, it stops. It looks like loop mode is switched off by the QMediaRecoder. But when I start QMediaPlayer after the recording is finished, it plays in loop normaly. I suppose there is kind of problem with writing and reading audio files simultaneously.
    But the strange thing is that if the recoding is switched off before the end of the a.amr file, then everything is fine - a.amr plays and doesn't stop.

    Does anybody know, what is the problem here?
    Thank you.
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