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    eSWT ShowCase example doesn't display Commands


    I have installed Symbian3 SDK v0.9. I have the eclipse project "eSWT Showcase" downloaded from Forum Nokia, and it doesn't display any commands. The project work perfectly with S60 SDK's, but not with Symbian3 SDK. Has Nokia tested this example with Symbian3, or is there some settings to be done to get it work correctly? Has anybody else tried that example?

    This is the piece of code:

    exitCommand = new Command(mainComposite, Command.EXIT, 1);

    And the command is not visible in the main screen.

    Any idea what to do?

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    Re: eSWT ShowCase example doesn't display Commands

    The version of the ShowCase example that accommodates the new single touch Command mapping will be released together with the 3.7 version of the Java Developer's Library. I do not know the exact release date but should be close.. In the meantime the "Command and Menus" section of the following explains the differences related to Commands between releases and should help you to resolve the problems.

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