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    i wanna a modification in that code

    i get that code from wiki to write what i write in TextBox in file with extension txt

    import javax.microedition.midlet.*;
    import javax.microedition.lcdui.*;
    import javax.microedition.io.file.*;
    import javax.microedition.io.*;
    import java.io.*;
    public class WriteMIDlet extends MIDlet implements CommandListener {
        private TextBox textbox;
        private String photos = "fileconn.dir.photos";
        private Command saveCommand;
        private Command exitCommand;
        private String path;
        public void startApp() {
            textbox = new TextBox("WriteMIDlet", "", 1000, TextField.ANY);
            saveCommand = new Command("Save", Command.SCREEN, 1);
            exitCommand = new Command("Exit", Command.EXIT, 1);
            path = System.getProperty(photos);
        public void pauseApp() {
        public void destroyApp(boolean unconditional) {
        private void saveFile(String path, String name) {
            try {
                String url = path + name;
                String string = textbox.getString();
                byte data[] = string.getBytes();
                FileConnection fconn = (FileConnection)Connector.open(url, Connector.READ_WRITE);
                if (!fconn.exists()) {
                OutputStream ops = fconn.openOutputStream();
            catch (IOException ioe) {
                System.out.println("IOException: "+ioe.getMessage());
            catch (SecurityException se) {
                System.out.println("Security exception:" + se.getMessage());
        public void commandAction(Command c, Displayable d) {
            if (c == saveCommand) saveFile(path, "readme.txt");
            if (c == exitCommand) this.notifyDestroyed();
    But i wanna User To Defind the path Not Only on Photos as In that Code

    thanks alot,
    Let The Impossible Happen!!!

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    Re: i wanna a modification in that code

    regarding where you are allowed to write a file with the jsr 75, you don't always have a lot of options, and it depends on the device, too.
    "fileconn.dir.photos" is where you are most likely to be allowed to write.
    check nokia guide for file connection api : http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n..._0_en.zip.html

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