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    Post JSR257 can switch the SE??

    Hi all:
    Could anyone to tell me,can I set the nfc phone to virtual card mode through the JSR257?If JSR257 can set the nfc phone to be virtual card mode,it can switch the SE?such as from SMX to UICC,or from UICC to SMX? Thanks.

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    Re: JSR257 can switch the SE??


    Native JSR-257 only supports notifications for secure element activity. The secure element communication by means of JSR-257 is a Nokia specific API extension (see Nokia's extensions to JSR-257). As no official Nokia phone exists, that supports multiple secure elements, there would be no need to have switching functionality.

    Regarding standardized internal (i.e. insed the phone) access to the secure element, you would use JSR-177 (SATSA) which allows you to choose the secure element (cf. "slot number") for communication.


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