I want to detect Headset(any Kind of weather BT or normal ) presence in my symbian 5th ed. Application. i want to check it's presence at some specific time so i would not need to use AO. how to do so.
i found some code at

TBool CMyConnector::IsBtOn()
RHostResolver hr;
if (hr.Open(iSocketServ, KBTAddrFamily, KBTLinkManager) == KErrNone)
iObserver->Log()->Write(_L("BT is on"));
return true;

iObserver->Log()->Write(_L("BT is off"));
return false;
but i think it returns the status of BT(On/Off) not the presence of Headset (may be BT is on but Headset may not be present).

one more thing is that should i check the profile (if Headset would be connected then Headset profile should be active)