I´m using Platform Services 1.0 in a widget (for the N8) to recognize the double tapping on the screen. However, I haven't been successful.

This is what I do:
1- so = device.getServiceObject("Service.Sensor", "ISensor");
2- result = so.ISensor.FindSensorChannel(criteria); where criteria.searchCriterion = "AccelerometerDoubleTapping";

Here comes my problem. I know that the object returned is an iterator. I've already checked and in my case is a ReturnValue and an ErrorCode. However, when I want to check the information of the sensor, like for example ChannelId or ChannelType, I ALWAYS get "undefined". That's a real pain to me, because if I can't get that info I can't make the criteria object for the ISensor.RegisterForNotification() method.

How can I get that information and have it display to me on the screen (just for research purposes) for me?
And later, how could I recognize the tap or double tap from within the callback method?

Thanks in advance!