I've noticed that the "Related" tab in Ovi Store seems to be anything but related to the selected app. What it seem to do is simply select list of apps of the same category no matter what app you selected from it. Also this list is always the same, it doesn't seem to change at all when clicking though different apps, as long as the category is the same.

As a consumer AND a publisher, I would like to see apps in the "Related" tabs that are, well, related. That is, similar and/or competing apps. For example, when select Adobe Reader LE 2.5, I would like to see competing PDF apps, but this isn't the case. However, if I select Pdf+ I do see Adobe Reader LE 2.5 in related, which does make sense. But then again, I can see Adobe Reader LE 2.5 always no matter what I select as long it's in the Business category. I don't think this is very fair for other publishers nor the consumers, because he might conclude that there aren't any other options available.

Or have I understood the meaning of "Related" completely wrong?