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    How I can modify exist .sis theme for Symbian^3 ?


    How I can modify exist .sis theme for Symbian^3 ?
    I have installed Carbide 3 and plug-ins from this site: http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n...0_Plugins.html ...
    Pleas tell me how can i modify exist .sis theme for Symbian^3... Thanks

    sorry for my bad english because I am not English or American.but I am from Slovakia ...

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    Re: How I can modify exist .sis theme for Symbian^3 ?

    Carbide.ui cannot modify .sis theme files. The .sis files of themes are installable version that Carbide.ui can build. If you need to modify the theme, you must get the original "source" files that the theme developer used to make it.

    The .sis file is a package/archive file, so you can unpack it and extract the individual files, but the files in the .sis file are not enough to just start modifying the theme with Carbide.ui.

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