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    How to get the partnership licence from Nokia.

    As part of the development, I require to fetch my own mobile number. From the threads posted earlier, I realized that this is possible only if i have access to the private APIs of Symbian. I am developing the code on 3rd Edition FP-2 for Nokia Surge. Please help me in finding out what is the way to get the Nokia Partnership.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to get the partnership licence from Nokia.

    It is not a question of private or public APIs. In 99% of the cases (or something like that), the phone does not have its own number stored anywhere on the phone or the SIM card, so there's nothing to fetch. A GSM phone does not need or use the phone number for making or receiving calls (or to send/receive messages).

    Search for "own number" or "msisdn" to read more.

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    Re: How to get the partnership licence from Nokia.

    Not sure if it will work for you, one suggestion though, you can try sending a SMS to "somewhere", a server or something, and asking it to send them number back.

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