I am using Windows 7 Chinese Version and Nokia N8 Chinese Version. So I am wondering why qt in the phone are English Version by default? Why it is not the same locale as the phone system?

When I am using Qt Creator, I notice the properties of the QDateEdit are "Locale: Chinese, China; Language:Chinese;Country:China". So the Date will show like 2011-1-9 in Qt Creator. But when run the app in N8, it is 1-9-2011 which is not what I want.

Also the softkey are Options and Exit, whick are not the Chinese version of the two above words.

So my question is, as now the qt in the phone is not the same locale of the symbian system. How can I tell qt that this is a Chinese app other than the default English one? And if I success tell it, the softkeys (Options and Exit) will show the Chinese version directly or I should manully program the softkeys?

Thank you.