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    File Optional Package?

    What is File Optional Package?
    We can access files and folder only on the phone with that api ?
    or it is only the api that is used if we want to access files and folders via the MIDlet?

    I mean can we access ( creating , reading, writing ) files and folders on the phones even if that file connection api is not supported in that phone if we are not creating the MIDlet?

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    Re: File Optional Package?

    Your question is a little confusing, but I'll try to answer. Sorry if I do not address exactly your question...

    You are apparently talking about JSR-75 File Connection API.
    In short, if your MIDlet needs to access the files/file system on the device the device has to support that API. Otherwise there is no access to the files.,
    Note also that even with that API you do not have full access to the file system, just to a number of directories (which are slightly different on different platforms.

    For more implementation information, see here http://library.forum.nokia.com/topic...818328681.html


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