We are blessed to have many high quality Moderators, Champions and other users that assist Forum Nokia in helping others create Nokia apps. What do you say to someone with this on his profile:
Forum Nokia Champion 2007-2008, 2008-2009 and 2009-2010, March 2008 Poster of the Month, Forum Nokia DiBo Moderator, July 2010 Highlighted Moderator, Champion of the Month-August 2010. There is not much else to say but thank you for the past 4 years of outsanding service and you can add December 2010 Poster of the month to your resume.

The Forum Nokia Discussion Boards Poster of the Month is based on the quality, camaraderie and to some extent the quantity of responses as judged by the Forum Nokia Experts. Along with the respect and gratitude of your peers, the Poster of the Month may receive an S60 multimedia device or other device. Having been awarded the Poster of the Month is a very good item to have in your resume if you wish to become a Forum Nokia Champion.