Hi, all

I got the mail from symbian signed site as below;

Application is rejected:
The application is rejected for the following reasons: - The SIS file
is signed with two Developer Certificate: Issued by : Symbian
Developer Certificate CA 280205A. Issued to : delphicom. Valid
from 02/01/2011 to 02/01/2014 Issued by : VeriSign Identity-
Based ACS Root for Symbian OS. Issued to : Symbian Developer
Certificate CA 280205A. Valid from 02/03/2005 to 01/03/2015 The
SIS file must be signed with an ACS Publisher (valid). NOTE 1: The
submitter, the owner of UIDs package and the owner of ACS
Publisher must be the same company name. NOTE 2: After the 30-
07-2010, all the applications will be submitted with a TCT DevCert
and not Verisign DevCert. The Verisign service is closed since from
30-07-2010. - the application uses the capability MultimediaDD, but
when using a capability, it's mandatory to give a rationale for using it.

I didn’t understand why our application was rejected;
I explain our develop environment as below;
1. QT4.7.1
2. S60_5th_Edition_SDK_V1_0_en
3. S60_5TH_ed_api_plug_in_pack_supplementary
4. Qt-mobility-1.1.0

Our application includes MultimediaDD Capability to use VAS(VoIP Audio Service). Also we got the publisher ID from Trustcenter to use MultimediaDD Capability.

After got the Publisher ID, We submit the application to Symbian Signed depend on
http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...xpress_signing .

We make builder and *.sis file based on web site instruction (Step 5. *.cer and *.key (which are created fro Step5. Testing your Publisher ID).
[project -> Build Steps -> Custom certificate in QT Create property] Finally we make .sis package file. It is submitted to “Cerified Signed” I Symbian signed.

1. Could you explain which processes are wrong to submit the Certified Signed?
2. We needs “Express Signed” to use MultimediaDD Capability.
We got the result message You need to “Certified Signed” to submit the “Express Signed”
My question is that
We need the “Certified Signed” to use the MultimediaDD Capability?
Can we use the “Express Signed” without “Certified Signed”?


Best Regards.