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    MainWindow is not drawn after QFileDialog's desctruction


    I am working on an application using Nokia Qt SDK 4.2.8.

    I am drawing mainwindow and on top of that displaying QDialogs.On one of the dialogs I need to browse the current file directory. So I use QFileDialog's getexistingDirectory function to display the same.It works fine.

    But, the problem arises when on clicking either OPEN or CANCEL button on the QFileDialog ,the dialog disappears and my QDialog is displayed back again but the QMainWindow which is below the QDialog is not displayed.Instead I get a blank(white)space on the screen & on top of that my Qialog.

    Is there any way I can display the MainWindow And on top of that my QDialog as I m doing it in my application.



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    Re: MainWindow is not drawn after QFileDialog's desctruction

    That sounds like a bug in Qt, although you don't say how you're displaying dialogs on top... you could try invalidating the entire main window rectangle and seeing if it correctly redraws.

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