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    Unhappy Problem on Listening for incoming SMS

    Hi guys...

    I have a problem when I catch the incoming SMS, I using the following code for this operation

    var criteria = { Type : "NewMessage" };
    var ret = so.IMessaging.RegisterNotification(criteria, onMessageReceived);
    function onMessageReceived( transId, eventCode, result ){
      alert("Message Received: \n" + JSON.stringify(result )  );
    and this display the result object with all properties, then i use the senject property for print or save the SMS text content but only get the 65 firsts characteres

    I try run this on the Emulator and contain a property Subject whit "new message" and BodyText property with "My hovercraft is full of eels!" but in device the Subject property conatain the message text, only 65 first chars, and BodyText property is "undefined"

    Please help me to show full message text no only 65 chars that get the Subject property

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    Re: Problem on Listening for incoming SMS


    You can get rest of the message by using the newly received message id as a criteria for getList

    function onMessageReceived( transId, eventCode, result ){
    function messaging_getMessage(msgId) {
        var criteria = {
            Type: "Inbox",
            Filter: {            
        try {
            // Get list of messages
            var result = messaging_serviceObj.IMessaging.GetList(criteria);
            if (result.ErrorCode != 0) {
                alert("Error in getting messages: " + result.ErrorMessage);
        } catch (ex) {
            alert("Error in getting messages: " + ex);
        var item;
        while ((item = result.ReturnValue.getNext()) != undefined) {
            var messageId = item.MessageId;
            var sender = item.Sender;
            var time = item.Time;
            var subject = item.Subject;
    		var body = item.BodyText;		

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    Re: Problem on Listening for incoming SMS

    hey isalento..

    this code is working...


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