My app needs some basic HTTP request functionality (post request, read a plain text response). I am trying to get this working right now.

I am using Nokia Qt SDK to develop for the N8 phone.

I downloaded the example app found here:


to see if it would work. On the simulator, I am able to bring up http://www.google.ca using a GET request. On the phone, I get

Host www.google.ca not found

in the response text box.

I know I am connected via wifi because I tried opening the same page in the phone's browser and it worked fine.

I tried including these lines in the project file to ensure that the app was network enabled:

symbian {
TARGET.CAPABILITY += NetworkServices

It didn't help. Also, I think this is not the issue because when I press the GET button, the phone brings up an info popup saying it's connecting to my wifi network.

The strange thing is that on the Simulator, this app brings up the google page when I do the same sequence of steps.

What is going on??