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    Question N95 click problem + capabilities


    I'm deploying an WRT application using PhoneGap on a N95.
    I installed the PhoneGap demo and my app with success, but when I try to click on a something, the click just do not work.
    It looks like the app does not handle click events.
    What can be wrong?

    I can find nowhere what are the capabilities of WRT on a N95.
    On the PhoneGap docs, it says tings like "Transfer this file to your S60 5th Edition device".
    Is N95 imcompatible?

    This is the Phonegap wiki docs:


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    Re: N95 click problem + capabilities


    It could be incompatible, because 3.2 devices and 5th edition devices supports WRT 1.1. Where as N95 only supports WRT 1.0 and has relatively old browser.


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    Re: N95 click problem + capabilities

    You could try the new phonegap-qt project. It is still experimental and I'm not sure if the N95 supports Qt, but it could solve your problem. It's only available at github for now.

    VLC Download

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