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    Yet again .. Maps on Symbian

    Tried to use google maps with WebKit on QT. On simulator - works flawlessly . Tried it on X6:

    1) Very slow, it kind of works, but ... any dragging, zooming - slow
    2) It crashes a lot. Almost always after a minute or so - usually with something like : Process 684, thread 685 stopped at 0x802c4039: Thread 0x2ad has panicked. Category: Webkit CRASH; Reason: 0

    Any other alternatives? I need a drag-able map, where i could put POIS and react to clicks on them?

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    Re: Yet again .. Maps on Symbian

    have you checked the Mobility 1.1.0 already ? it should have API for using Ovi Maps as well as an example that also includes kinetic scrolling.

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    Re: Yet again .. Maps on Symbian

    Yes, and i was not able to run the mobility 1.1.0 example...

    For simulator in gives error:
    :: error: cannot find -lQtMobilitySimulator
    :: error: collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

    Building for device, i get a lot of :
    undefined reference to `non-virtual thunk to QtMobility::QGraphicsGeoMap:aint(QPainter*, QStyleOptionGraphicsItem const*, QWidget*)'


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