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    Lightbulb Any upcomming update for flash lite for Nokia Symbian^1 ?

    Hello there , i've been using flash lite 3.1 on my Nokia 5800 XM its really cool but today's most of websites are based on flash player 9 or flash player 10. I know flash player 10 would be too heavy for S60v5 phones
    So, is there any up comming update for flash lite Nokia based on Flash Player 9 ?
    Its really needed because other than youtube , many websites uses flash player 9 based video players so this causes troubles with flash lite 3.1 .

    Thanks ..

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    Re: Any upcomming update for flash lite for Nokia Symbian^1 ?

    With Symbian^1, i.e., Symbian OS v9.4/S60 5th Edition based devices, I suspect that there's not going to be any Flash Lite updates by Nokia.

    Nokia also rarely pre-announces any firmware updates and whay they include/fix for old/existing phone models, so if there is a firmware update with a newer Flash Lite for some model, you will find out after Nokia has first released such an update.

    If you want newer/better Flash (or Flash Lite) support on your phone, you need to direct your attention to newer Symbian based phones (like the N8), or the maemo (Linux) based N900.

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