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    URL for OVI Maps from mobile web sites


    A common convention for mobile web code is to link to google maps when needing to link to a map provider. Works really nice for android and iOS where it opens the map client, but not great for other platforms. On blackberry for example you should issue a javascript call to launch the native blackberry map client. What is the best practice for the symbian and S40 family.

    I do tons of mobile web work and also have a open source project that handles the multiple ways of getting the users location on mobile web sites and I just realized that it should also opening of maps given a lat/lon with an optional label for the location.


    Any feedback is appreciated,
    Stan Wiechers

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    Re: URL for OVI Maps from mobile web sites

    If simple raster map helps you can take a look at https://projects.forum.nokia.com/ovimapsrenderingapi
    No integration at API level is available with "real" OviMap application ... a workaround in Qt/Symbian consist of running the standard Landmark Dialog passing lat/lng from your app and let the menu Map /Path do the rest
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    Re: URL for OVI Maps from mobile web sites

    thank you (just saw your reply now, must have missed the email notification)

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