Hello i'm trying to load a tiny starship in a starfield, but the problem is there is no problem loading in the java's wireless toolkit 2.0 emulator, but when using Nokia Developer's Suite's default 6310i MIDP SDK 1.1 it failed. I will show my portion of code below:


Galaxy (StarfieldMIDlet midlet)
this.midlet = midlet;
screenWidth = getWidth();
screenHeight = getHeight();
numLayers = 1;
for(int i = 0; i < MAXFORESTARS; i++)
foreStar[i] = new Star(this, random.nextInt() & screenWidth, Math.abs(random.nextInt() % screenHeight), i, 'f');

keypadEnabled = true;
quitCommand = new Command("Outta Here!", Command.EXIT, 1);
startCommand = new Command("Show it!", Command.SCREEN, 1);
pauseCommand = new Command("Pause it!", Command.SCREEN, 1);
resumeCommand = new Command("Resume!", Command.SCREEN, 1);
starship = new Ship(createImage("/ship.png"), screenWidth/2, screenHeight/2);
new Thread(starship).start();

//this is the problem part
private Image createImage(String filename)
image = Image.createImage(filename);
System.out.println("Created image!");
catch(IOException e)
System.out.println("Create image failed!");
image = null;
return image;


in the wireless toolkit status message "created image" will always show but in the nokia emulator "create image failed" will always show, but i never change the position of my image "ship.png" which is in the Starfield\res\ folder.
Could somebody please help?? I worked on these for few days with no results, thanx a million!

Jin Kai