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Thread: picture display

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    picture display

    I know how to display an image ( .PNG ) from a file.
    Firstly, I show the list of (.PNG) files in a folder. After choosing the name of the file I want to display, then I shows that picture.

    But what I want to do is when I choose a folder, an image that is stored in a folder must be displayed and whenever I click " next" command, the next png file must be displayed.
    How can I do that? How can I read the name of the next (.PNG) files without selecting that from a folder?

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    Re: picture display

    you will need to find/store all file path in a array after that display each image on next click....for Reference go through below mentioned thread....

    display image:

    hope It'll help you:-)

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    Re: picture display

    yes, it is a great help
    Thank you very much.

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